If you are looking to build a successful internet business there are so many things to consider, including hosting packages, business type, style, content and your market place, but you should also consider bandwidth v traffic. So what is there to consider? Does it really matter?

For those unaware, bandwidth is directly related to the traffic to your site, the amount of times your site is loaded onto someone’s browse, and ultimately the data transferred between your server and your customers. For smaller websites the issue of bandwidth would never really arise, as even the smallest bandwidth package would probably suffice, however for more popular websites, the issue of bandwidth can become crucial.

At some point in the life of you commercial website, your online business will need to become self funding, i.e. it will need to bring in sufficient funding to actually cover costs and more. Initially many online entrepreneurs have been known to offer great give-aways, attracting much free traffic in the early days. While this is always a good start, it is only really viable going forward if you can create sufficient sales or advertising income to cover the cost of your bandwidth and other expenses.

Lets say that one of your sites was mentioned on a popular blog with regards to a free offer you were promoting, you could see a massive influx of visitors in a short space of time, something which could push you over your bandwidth limit (as set by you on your hosting panel), resulting in the need for more bandwidth. While it is simple to add more bandwidth, if it is unexpected, or you see a substantial jump in traffic, “emergency” bandwidth can be very expensive – not to mention the fact that your site may be “down” until the bandwidth issue is resolved.

This is the situation where you need to consider the “free” non-income producing traffic against smaller, more focused traffic, which may actually result in sales. You cannot continue attracting non-income producing traffic forever, and at some stage you will need to see a conversion to sales, or increased advertising revenue, otherwise you will need to review your approach.

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