For those who have jumped on the blogging bandwagon hosting has always been an issue to have a plan that allows you complete control of your blogging vision but yet is not too expensive.
Hosting at WordPress or Blogger is totally free but places you at the mercy of these companies and you do not have complete control of your blog and many bloggers have spent months on their sites only to have them removed for policy violations of the company. Another option is using a paid hosting service, which has many advantages such as a dedicated URL and total freedom to post and present your blog as you wish. While dedicated server hosting can be expensive for a blog shared hosting is a little more affordable. Many blogs are for personal reasons so paying for hosting may be a financial push for a site, which does not make the site owner ay money.
There are becoming other options, which are free web hosting services specifically for blogs. These hosts are more tolerant for what is placed on the blog, give the ability to use a URL, and are absolutely free to the blogger on a budget.

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The latest trend in the online business world seems to be using a blog to introduce interesting subjects, discussions and also announce new products or service which you may be offering. However, the internet is littered with blogs which have started well, only for the owner to miss one day, then another and before long they are totally bored with the blog and it slowly dies a death. How would that look to the outside world if you just dropped your business blog? What kind of impression would it give? Not a very good one!

Thankfully there are companies out there who will look after your blogs for competitive rates and ensure that they are up to date, informative with unique content. You need to ensure that your business blog has such characteristics, whether you work in tandem with the content writers or pay them to look after your blog. Either way, once you start a business blog it is essential that you continue it, even if the rate of posting is only 2 or 3 times a week. The more fresh content, food for thought and information you give your readers the better and the more chance of them returning!

What are the benefits of hiring outside help for your blog :-

More time to concentrate on the business itself.

You can still retain control of the subject matter, without taking the time out to write the posts.

If you are not happy with the posting company you can always change – there are many out there to choose from.

It gives a good impression to your potential customers.

Never forget that even if you employ an outside company YOU are still in control and it is you who tells them what to do. Control, without taking the time out to complete – a webmasters dream!

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As we have covered in recent posts, the blog market has been one of the major success stories of the internet over the last 10 years. While the amount of blogs continues to grow on a daily basis, it seems that Word Press have forged ahead in the popularity rankings for blog management systems. But why?

If you check a coupe of blogs on the internet, one is probably going to be powered by Word Press, and while their format and look can be widely different, the feel and reliability are always there. Word Press is an open source system which means that any developer, coder or webmaster can write and sell their own code to work with Word Press.

This in itself has created a sub-market which is worth billions of dollars, which include themes, and widgets of all kinds to give your site something a little different to the norm. If you go to Google and type “Word Press Themes” you will see exactly what we mean. Easy to install, easy to adapt and amend, Word Press has quickly grown into the leading blog management system.

While there are many other blog content systems out there, they have yet to really catch the imagination of the webmaster community. A little like Facebook, the decision to go open source has been the difference between a blog system also ran and the real deal, although nothing ever stays still for too long on the internet.

However, if Word Press continues to develop in the future then there is no reason why it cannot cement its position at the top table, but it will not be easy to maintain top stop with the likes of Google targeting your market!

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Do Blogs Really Work?

Written by Admin in Blogs

As we mentioned in our earlier post, blogs have been one of the success stories of the internet, and the number is growing day by day. They are used for business, pleasure and personal reasons, but do they really work for business or are they just a luxury?

There are many business websites online today which will have some kind of blog format attached, although they may be packaged in such a format that you may not be aware your are looking at a blog. Many businesses use them for a variety of reasons including :-

· announcing new products.
· announcing new services.
· announcing offers.
· company announcements.
· general market chat to catch your attention.
· a sounding board for clients to pass on their thoughts.

A blog is only as good as the people who are writing for it, and the material which they publish. You should never start a blog unless you can see it through and update it constantly – a blog with only a small number of entries looks terrible and can give the impression you are not on the ball.

If you do decide to go for a blog for your business, do not just post about yourself and give your readers the hard sell. Give them some good news, give them some general comments and above all give them something which they will read – not just something which YOU want them to read. If you are using your blog for feedback purposes, it is vital that you answer any comments and actually take note of what they are saying to you – ignore them at your peril!

In summary, blogs do work but YOU need to make them work, by adding interesting quality material which will appeal to your target market, and draw others in. The hardest side of online business is actually attracting new customers, although once you have done this you need to keep them.

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The blog market has been one of the massive success stories of the internet, and the number out there continues to grow on a daily basis. While there are many simple techniques to ensure that you get the best out of your blog, there are some disagreements about how to gain maximum exposure. To blog each day, or not to blog each day, that is the question!

There is no doubt that when you build up an audience for your blog, you need to keep to a certain style and timetable so that returning visitors will know when your new material is going on. Blog readers do not like to be kept in the dark, they like to have a schedule so that they know when to return. This in turn brings about the question we alluded to earlier, do you need to blog every day?

The basic rules of blogging are simple, the more content you have out there the more you will appear on the search engines, but it needs to be quality and it needs to be unique. There is no point blogging every day just for the sake of it, then finding out that the quality of your writing is falling, and you are losing readers. However, the balance between quality and quantity can be very difficult to judge, and even harder to execute.

If you type a post, and you do not feel that it fits in with the site or you are having second thoughts about the quality, don’t post it. While if possible, a quality post a day will do your site wonders, poor quality posts also have the potential to ruin you. If it does not interest you, then the chances are that the post will not interest your readers – try and put yourself in their position.

Also, if you are running a blog, you need to ensure that your posts are circulated amongst all of the best content service providers, so that you have the widest audience which you can hope for. Keep it lean, keep up the quality and promote the site at every opportunity you have!

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