While some people may not believe it, there are still many areas of the developed world which do not have access to internet broadband services. Is it really important? Does it make a big difference? What do you think…….

The internet is moving quicker and quicker these days, down load speeds are speeding up and the requirement to be able to access your chosen page in a split second is taken for granted by many. In reality, broadband really is a necessity if you are really looking to enjoy the benefits of the ever changing face of the web, the massive downloads on offer, the streaming, and other technology which really does require the quickest speeds around.

While many internet users may think they have broadband, they may have a similar service refereed to as ADSL, although this is just as quick as some forms of broadband. If you were ever to change to dial up again, you would most surely wonder how you managed to do your surfing each day, and how you managed to keep up with the latest developments.

The truth is that while many are appreciative of broadband in its current format, this is still very much a technology which is in it infants stage. There are many companies around the world who are looking at broadband speeds x20 faster than those available in the UK, and while these may be some time off commercial use, they are slowly making their way to market. The broadband market is set to grow at lightening quick speed over the next decade, and dial up will soon be a thing of the past in even the most rural of areas.

There have been a number of government sponsored initiatives to ensure that broadband (or at the very least, quick forms of it) are available in even the remotest areas of the country. While this has not happened as yet, it is now becoming essential for the future growth of the UK economy, and the government will do whatever they have to do, to ensure it happens sooner rather than later.

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