Is Web Hosting Important?

Web Hosting is perhaps the most important aspect of any online business. If your site is down then nobody will be able to view your services, never mind purchase anything from you. It is essential you find a host with good “up time”, offering a reliable service and good customer support.

In simple terms : If you build a million dollar house on shaky foundations, would you really be surprised if it collapsed?

How do I change my Web Hosting Company?

It has never been easier to move from host to host, with many cheap web hosting companies offering a free transfer service, where they will go in and transfer all files, databases, etc from your old host, and resurrect them on their servers. The web hosting industry is perhaps one of the most competitive on the internet, and the customer very much holds the power at the moment.

Do all hosts take any type of site?

In general the majority of hosts will take on 99% of all internet sites, although sites of an adult nature, violence, offence, etc will not be accepted by many companies. There are also many hosts who are now refusing to take on proxy server sites, which tend to eat up the available bandwidth, often slowing down the overall speed of the servers to the detriment of other customers.

What is bandwidth?

In simple terms bandwidth is the amount of traffic between the internet and the server hosting your website. The more traffic, the more bandwidth you will require to ensure your customers are able to access pages, receive information, etc. If your site consists of static pages which are there for information purposes only, then your bandwidth requirement should be fairly low. However, if you allow the transfer of files from your site, and downloading of information, this may increase your bandwidth dramatically.

It is essential that when choosing a hosting package that you find the best one to suit your circumstances. There is no point paying for large bandwidth, only to find that you do not use it. Bandwidth can be very expensive, especially when you exceed your monthly limit.

In simple terms : Think of bandwidth like your overdraft – if you stay within your limits you will be ok, but exceed the limits and you may be hit with excessive charges.

Is bandwidth really important?

While bandwidth is vital when considering a new host, it only really becomes a major issue for the larger, more active sites who expect big traffic on a constant basis. For the majority of smaller businesses and private sites, a simple bandwidth package (available with any host) should be ok. There is always the opportunity to upgrade your bandwidth as and when required.

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