If you are scheduling to set up an e-commerce business, then building your website and selecting the ideal web hosting provider is crucial to make a good start. Especially when picking the company which will accomplish your web hosting requirements, one should be very careful. Web hosting is not that much simple as one may think. Choosing the most appropriate one for your needs involves a lot of contemplation and evaluation. If you have the knowledge of the type of web hosting services available and the costs involved, then you can make the right decision according to your need and budget.

Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated hosting is needed by companies with large websites which gets high volumes of traffic. Also, some companies need huge storage space to store their data, and also they may not be willing to share space with other smaller companies. But, the main reason behind getting a dedicated server is the performance and bandwidth usage of the servers. Nowadays, hard disks and hardware components are cheaper and hence the dedicated web hosting services have become affordable. In a dedicated server, the company gets the whole server for its own use and it can carry out modifications to the operating system without any trouble. The companies can set their own preferences and use the web space as per their requirements.

VPS hosting

VPS – the poor man’s dedicated server is the best option available next to the dedicated server. The features and applications of dedicated servers are really good, but when you think of the cost involved in getting a dedicated server, then you may want to look out for some other options. In VPS, you will be sharing a server with other customers, but at the same time you also get the privilege of owning a private portion of the server. This means that the performance of your website will not be affected by other customers sharing the same server. Also, the hackers entering any one of the sites may not get access to your site as the partitions make your web site distinct.

Shared hosting

If you are running a small business and want to create a website within a minimal budget, then shared hosting is the best bet. Shared hosting is cheaper as a single server is shared by many clients. But, it has some other problems like the performance of your web site may get affected due to some other web site and the lack of freedom to modify the operating system settings.

Free web hosting

Normally, free web hosting is used by people who just want to express their views to the world through internet. This is not the correct option if you are serious about hosting and want to use your website strictly for business purposes. But, nowadays many people are making some earning from these free hosting services by placing sponsored ads on their websites. If you are hosting a web site with the help of sponsors, then you may have to update its contents constantly, otherwise your web site may not be picked up by the search engines.

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Of the millions of webmasters on the internet, there will be very few (if any) who have not made major mistakes on their march to the top. Learning by your mistakes is a great way to gain experience, and while you would not go out of your way to make mistakes (or errors of judgement), if it costs you money once, you can be sure that you will not do it again!

So what are the benefits of making mistakes?

While it may seem a little strange to think making mistakes may benefit you, it really can help in the long run. Here are a few things to consider when pondering why you do not want to make the same mistake again :-

· Pride! We all have pride in our work, and we all want to succeed in the best way possible, but it is not always that easy. While you should not take mistakes personally, you should learn for them and ensure there is less chance of the same mistake happening time and time again.

· Money. If your online business is your livelihood, the last thing you want to do is put that in jeopardy. Look at your mistakes, how they happened, and how you can correct them.

· Competition. The competition to succeed online has never been more intense and it will only get harder. Being able to push your site to the top of the tree can make you feel very proud – a feeling that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Contrary to what many people tell you, the best way to learn is by your mistakes (so long as you don’t make too many!), because there is no better feeling than being in the same situation again and managing to turn it around to your benefit. You can read all of the books in the world,, talk to the best people in the business, but until you actually get out there you will not know what it feels like.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because as long as you learn from them, the process will be worthwhile in the end.

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All too often picking a web hosting can be based on the design of the hosting company’s website or the fact that they ranked top of your particular Google search. It goes without saying that these are probably not the soundest reasons for selecting a hosting company. This article aims to explore the main things to consider before purchasing a web hosting package.

Space - The first thing to decide is how much disk space and bandwidth that you require. Both of these values are determined by the size of your site. A small informational, text based site will require a lot less disk space and bandwidth than a large video site. Larger sites, especially those that allow visitors to make downloads, may need to consider buying dedicated, rather than shared, hosting (see previous article).

Ecommerce - If you wish to sell products on your website then you will need to setup an online store. To support an online store your web host will need to have ecommerce compatibility with an SSL secure server so that you can accept credit card payments.

Email - A lot of web hosts now offer full email support for your domain. This can only be seen as good thing, however, it is important to remember that storing and viewing emails will eat into your disk space and bandwidth.

Uptime - This is the amount of time that your host will keep your site online, expressed as a percentage of total time. For best results, this figure should be a high as possible, with anything above 99.5% being classed as good. With a 99.5% uptime your site will be inaccessible for an average of 7.2 minutes per day. Fortunately, there are now hosts with servers reliable enough to guarantee a minimum of 99.9% uptime.

Customer support - If something does go wrong with your hosting and your website crashes, it is important to know that there is someone you can contact, in order to resolve the issue in a timely manner. Some hosting companies are infamous for their customer service – leaving customers on hold or perhaps not being contactable at all. It is paramount that you research the customer reputation of any hosting company you are thinking of buying from.

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