Dedicated hosting may not have been something that you have considered for your web site and the pricing of many such packages may seem extortionate to you. However, dedicated hosting does come with a number of its own advantages, which will be explored throughout this article. It will, of course, be up to you to decide whether these advantages are enough to justify the large discrepancy in pricing between dedicated and shared hosting packages.

One of the most common of all causes of downtime for any site is that it has run out of bandwidth. This means that traffic to your website has been of such a volume that it has exceeded the limit set by your hosting provider and the hosting package that you have purchased from them. This can be severely annoying. If you depend on your site as a source of income then annoyance will be the least of your worries, while your site is down it will not be making any money. If this situation occurs on a regular basis then it can eat into your profit margins significantly. Under such circumstance it may be more costly not to get a dedicated server.

On the other hand, if you have cheap dedicated servers hosting package but only receive a handful of visitors to your site per month and never suffer from any bandwidth problems then it is probably safe for you to save some money by stepping down your hosting package to shared hosting. Free shared hosting is available from many providers but this would be a step too far for any professional online business.

Overall, whether you require shared or dedicated hosting is largely determined by your bandwidth requirements, which you will need to measure. To do this, purchase a reasonably sized shared hosting package that includes some form of traffic counter, then if you find you only have a little traffic but a high visitor to sale ratio you can downgrade your package. If you find you have low traffic and even those that do visit your site are not purchasing you may need a redesign and a new promotion strategy but keep your hosting package the same. If traffic is through the roof – count your lucky stars and purchase dedicated hosting package.

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