With each New Year comes a whole host of ideas, thoughts and ambitions, but how many of last years ambitions did you fulfill? How many fell by the wayside? Can you even remember them?

We all have ambitions about our business ventures and these often materialize at the start of a New Year when everything is fresh and we have 12 months of trading to look forward to. We all know that it is only businesses which have plans, have ideas and have focus which will succeed. Moving from one area and one venture to the next will work for some people, but very often you will end up with a number of unfinished businesses – all of which may have had potential, but you just did not finish off.

Why not try something different for next year?

As the New Year approaches why not sit down and write down your hopes and dreams for the coming year, where you want your business to be and where you think it will be month by month. A 1 year plan is difficult to visualize but a month by month planner is easier to track and easier to amend and adjust to take into account current circumstances.

If you can achieve only 50% of your goals for the year you will be doing very well, and if you do this in your business life then you will probably be a lot wealthier than at the start of the year!

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