As the number of website owners continues to mushroom, and we all come around to the faceless side of the internet, is telephone support still useful? Of does it go against the online principals of the internet?

The chances are that while your web hosting company will have a great online service and online support, are you actually able to speak to some one? Do you have your own account manager? Do you have a name or department to speak to?

While email and online chat can be great if there are simple problems to sort out, if the situation is a little more complicated or your need to get something done quickly, do you actually have this capability? Many webmasters will find that traditional telephone support (for many areas of the online industry) can be very poor. Many companies are desperate to cut as much cost out of their systems and their businesses as possible, and to many a telephone call with a customer is a lot more expensive than answering an email in their own time, or even chatting online. But is this the right thing for you?

We strongly recommend that you check out the telephone support system of any potential host you are looking at. It may be that you will never need telephone support, but what happens if your multi-million dollar site is down and you are losing money every minute, how quickly would you want that fixed? Could you really afford to wait even 30 minutes or an hour for someone to email you back? No……

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