The internet seems to be full of people who think that the best way to attract customers is to chase the latest fashions, and take advantage of short term movements in some areas of online business. Is this really the easy way to make money, or do you lose your identity chopping and changing your site too often?

While there is no doubt that many customers would like sites to take on board fashionable changes where applicable, the need to constantly chase the next trend is a little flawed. The chances are that the people who are following these trends, your potential customers, will have moved on to something else in a few weeks time and left you high and dry.

In reality, if you are looking at a long term business, you are not chasing the next passing customer, you are actually setting up a business which will attract customers TO you. You want to give them what they want, when they want it and in a fashion which makes it very easy to access and understand. Many internet users get used to the look of a site, they know what to expect and more importantly they know their way around. A customer that does not know their way around a site, or cannot easily see where to go, will not spend money. Make it as easy as you can, and you have more chance of bringing in some income.

In the online world of the internet, we are seeing new trends emerging in different areas of business every week, whether it is the use of web 2.0, information sites, switching to the latest affiliate product or direct sales. It is vital that you stay in your comfort zone as much as possible and ensure that you understand what you are offering. If you don’t understand what you are doing, or what you are offering then you have NO chance of any decent income as you will soon be found out.

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