As anyone who has looked at the likes of Sitepoint of Digitalpoint will know, the amount of turnkey sites available seems to have mushroomed over the last couple of years. We have now reached the situation where you have to ask if a turnkey site has any chance of making money!

For those not aware of the term turnkey site, this is a site which is not unique, a site which has many identical copies on the internet doing the same functions, with the same look, but just a different domain name. Turnkey sites have proved very popular amongst the newer additions to online business, the business leaders of tomorrow, but is it the best start to online trading?. To keep costs down its always best to find a cheap web hosting company so that you don’t spend precious pounds on unwanted hosting features.

While the fact that there are potentially thousands of copies of your site on the internet already is a disadvantage, you can still make money and be successful if you know how to market your site. Even though it would be preferable to have a unique design, a unique look to your site, it is still possible to make money with a simple turnkey site.

You can either go for a different area of a market, perhaps research a niche opening, or you can use the site as a feeder for a more lucrative site, or you can just buy as many relevant inward links as you can to increase traffic, and hopefully business. Turnkey sites can look very poor, but you can always adjust certain elements to try and differentiate yourself from the masses.

While it is possible to make money from turnkey sites, you may well gain a better reputation if your site is unique and you have actually been seen to invest time and money into it!

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There are thousands of sites on the internet which do not quite get finished or need that last little touch to make it a success. Where can you go for that last bit of help, that advice from someone who knows?

In general you really have two main options about where to go for advice :-

· the professionals, who will charge you.
· one of the many webmaster forums on the internet where advice is often free.

Surely for that last touch it would make sense to ask fellow webmasters, and ask them what they think of your idea, your site and how you should finish off your idea. Well, if you want to open yourself right up, and give someone your idea before it is even finished then the “free” option may be the one for you!

However, if you are looking to protect your idea and hit the market with it when you are finished, then you need to look down the professional route. True, it will cost you money, and potentially a large amount depending on what you are after, but it is most definitely worth it.

Imagine you have been working on your site for months, and just about got there when you hit a PHP snag or the alignment of the site is not quite right in Firefox and you need advice. You post your site URL, your ideas and your problem for all of the world to see, and check out for themselves. Bang, next day a site along the exact lines to yours is launched and you have been beaten to the punch, the market is slipping away from you. Think it does n’t happen?

It is common knowledge that many online business people scour the webmaster forums for new ideas, new options and a look at what might be the next popular area. They will check your post, ask you a few questions, but ultimately they will not help you.

If your site is popular you will soon make your money back and more, but if it fails then it will soon die, but at least give it the chance to survive, and play your cards very close to your chest until launch.

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A club or community website is an effective way to build a targeted community of people for your type of product or services. You can make your club or community website as simple or as complex as you like as long as it is constantly updated and the community continues to grow. Community websites become valued for the information that is contained in them and it boils down to how useful the information is to the community membership.

You can use a club or community website to stay in touch with customers, clients, volunteers, workers and other networks. Club and community websites are useful for keeping a target clientele that will update your site with comments and discussions, which will engage the interest of future visitors. You can make your club exclusive according to your needs and you can provide a myriad of member tools for communications. You can have different administrator tools such as the ability to edit entries and lock threads.

You can make your club members by invitation only or you may choose to make it a public group that any visitor who wants to register may do so if they meet any requirements such as any age requirements if necessary. Your visitors may use their own passwords to enter the site and you can also make documents available only upon the receipt of a correct password. A registrant’s control panel may also be limited according to their membership status.

New comments are the lifeblood to creating lively discussions and it is important that communities are regularly updated with a variety of entry types with different topics. You may keep a set amount of categories or you can create your categories as the discussion widens.

Members can view a calendar, photos, a directory and participate in the discussion boards if this is the style of community you want. Registration services can be automated and there are many types of communication and discussion prompt services such as instant messaging and rating systems. Careful monitoring and enforcing the rules of the forum will ensure that the forum remains an effective and interesting forum for your targeted visitors.

You can encourage new community members to your forum by making comments and leaving links to discussions with similar topics that are located at your website’s forum. This is one way of creating relevant inbound links that can improve your websites page ranking and amount of traffic. You can also create inbound links by placing the forum’s latest comments on an RSS feed that is placed in relevant directories and search engines. You can create interest in your forums through contests, surveys and discussions about the latest news. You must regularly monitor your forum to discourage spam and encourage visitors to participate in the forum.

The success of your forum lies in the liveliness of its discussions and you can use techniques for increasing traffic for this type of website. Your community website can become viewed a credible source of information for your visitors as your community grows.

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When you are ready to become a serious Ecommerce website, you will probably go the way of the online catalogue website. The online catalogue website is a multi-branched system that works to automate the process of sales and customer service. Examples of a couple of large online catalogue websites that are used for Ecommerce include and Both of these sites have a complex online catalogue system that integrates a customer’s search, orders and payments into an automated experience for the customer.

Different Concepts of the Business Website Models in One Package

An online catalogue website is a collection and combination of the different business websites including the home page and a catalogue website contains components of the online brochure, online marketing, customer service, club types and simple Ecommerce sites rolled into one complex package.

Different payment methods are available to the customer and can include the use of debit cards, credit cards and other payment options. Customer service includes a full range of automated options such as online forms, online help desk and sometime in the future, virtual salespersons.

Inventory management tools create a powerful way for updating inventory stock as products are sold and automation enables the management of large amounts of inventory to be better managed in a timely way. You will also be able to track customer orders and inventory from the moment that the order is made until it is shipped as an effective way of ensuring customer satisfaction with your services and products.

The bandwidth and amount of databases needed for such a site are huge and require both automation and human workers to maintain. Most pages of a online catalogue website are dynamic and are put together upon the visitor’s request. Although this may make it hard for some search engines to index the content, by the time a company is big enough that it needs this level of expertise to operate, whether or not the content of a certain page can be indexed should not really matter anymore to many customers. By this time, the customer has come to rely on the ability of the website to perform to high standards and will visit the store based on its reputation.

When your site reaches such a large capacity that you need complex tools for management and processing of your customers orders, you will want to upgrade to a online catalogue website.

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An online marketing page offers the same information as the single page business website and the online company brochure with added complex features that are meant to attract visitors and that is polished and served through search engine optimization and an ongoing marketing campaign. An online marketing website requires a greater commitment from a business owner and may require the employment of Internet specialists who can create and maintain the site and its features.

As part of your planned marketing campaign, an online marketing page can be used for gaining visitors to your site. The more timely, compelling and reliable your information is on your marketing website, the more likely that you will get return visitors.

Visitors will return to your website and learn about your company because of the new quality content and the regular updates of other website features. You can offer information, articles, community building tools, newsletters and a daily blog. You can also have contests, discounts, free E-cards, news and other features that can raise the popularity of your website. Your marketing website will grow more complex as you learn about the features that make a website inviting to potential customers.

Traffic Building is Important to the Marketing Website’s Success

You will have to conduct constant promotion of your site through traffic building techniques that will increase the amount of visitors to your site. Unlike simpler business websites, depending on the quality and amount of features on your page, you will be more concerned with bandwidth and the ability of your website to grow with your web host’s capabilities.

As part of your marketing page management, you will monitor your page ranking and engage in SEO marketing techniques in an effort to bring more visitors to your website. Visitor statistics and learning about your visitors will help you to understand and serve them better. You can use tools such as forms and comments to communicate effectively with your customers. You may become interested in running an advertising or affiliate program as part of your marketing plan. Your content is targeted at your potential customers so as your readership grows so should your sales.

Searching your Website for Information

Your article content and its topics should be searchable as the amount of unique content grows if this is the style of your website. You should also provide a site map of all the content that is available on your marketing website because this can encourage visitors to stay for a while and to visit again. The more useful your content is, the more likely that you will have return visitors. If you are able to dedicate the necessary time to ensuring steady growth of traffic and content of your online marketing website, you should have a successful website that steadily brings you new customers.

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Managing inventory for sales and processing customer orders are additions to the simpler online marketing website and these Ecommerce additions will change your site to an online shopping website. When you take the leap to owning and managing a simple Ecommerce website, you are opening many more opportunities up for you and your business.

Ecommerce websites are a huge feature of the Internet and with the right tools, it is said, that one is twenty business websites becomes a success with plenty of customers and a continually growing customer base. If you have the time and money to invest in an Ecommerce website, you could be rewarded many times over through the convenience and 24/7 sensibility of the Internet.

Manage Inventory and Sales Activity

You can choose from many web hosting, software and script solutions for managing inventory for your sales activity and you should check them out as you plan your website. The important thing is to know what computer languages, software and web-hosting services are compatible with your computer and its operating system. The same is true of your capabilities for processing customer orders. You will need a merchant account or other online payment account in order to be able to process online payments at your site and for other online payment processes. You will have the greatest flexibility for real time payments with onsite merchant accounts. You also have different options in the functions and capabilities of your online shopping tools such as a cart or checkout process.

With your simple Ecommerce website, you will want to make sure, that your customers can view your products unless you have such a specialized product and customer base that you can just use text base descriptions. You can add a catalogue and a feature gallery as your page grows in popularity. Your product gallery should be search engine optimized so that it will have a faster load time for your customers.

Trick to Optimize Tables

One trick is to create mini tables for your catalogues because a large catalogue table and its contents will not load until a web server has read the last tag of the catalogue table. If you create little tables, they and their contents will load faster and your visitor will be able to see your products in a timely way. Your products should be categorized and there should be a search engine for your products on the website and this site search tool should be accessible through each page.

Constant Promotion for Success

With continual promotion and regular maintenance of your Ecommerce website, you can find the right audience and meet your business goals for this Ecommerce site. You can build a good customer base by providing excellent customer service and a quality product that keeps your customers happy and coming back for more.

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