A single page must be simple and use color and graphics in such a professional way that they do not distract from your contact information. All your contact information must be present and should include the times that you will be available and other relevant information that is related to how a potential customer contacts you.

Contact Information is the Main Ingredient

You can divide the components of the single page business website into several pages. If you do this, the home page must have your contact information clearly displayed with a neat tabbing system that allows a visitor to see at a glance the products and services that you offer within the top area of the page. Use a tabbing system to send your visitors to short pages of content that highlight services, expertise, credentials, experience, affiliations and certifications that would interest your reader and would outline your credibility at a glance. A potential customer or partner should be able to understand the nature of your products and services from the visitor landing area.

Potential Customers Look For Email Addresses

Your logo should be prominent enough that the visitor can quickly scan the image and relate it to your content. Contact information should be prominent on the both the single page business website and the home page of a business website that divides the components of a single page business website onto their own pages. If someone is interested in doing business with you, he or she will want your email address right away without having to search for it. Your contact and location information should be prominent components of your contact information.

What’s Your Line?

Create a marketing line that you can place near your logo that will brand your services with the sort of confident feeling that you want to impart to your visitors about your products and services. Focus on an aspect of your business that allows you to compete with everybody else and make your message short and clear.

Short Paragraphs

Your introductory page should not be longer than two or three short paragraphs. Information should be bulleted when suitable because this will allow your visitors to quickly read about and understand your business. Chances are your targeted visitors will stay to check out the rest of your website.

If the graphics are too large or otherwise load slowly, you will lose visitors and the same goes for fonts that are not easily read. Loud pages that scream for attention may also be closed up before they are finished loading unless there are specific reasons as to why the scheme is appropriate. A professional look that enhances the content will win more visitors to your site than a badly arranged or hard to read website.

A single page business website can be an effective marketing tool when done professionally and it can bring new customers to your business. Clarity in the presentation of the contact information is important to the success of this style of page.

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If you are going to build a customer service website, you have many options of the customer service options available to your site through web-hosting plans, customer service software and scripts. A customer service website offers different business services to their visitors such as downloads, detailed information, forms and other client or user features using the convenience of the Internet.

Customer Service Websites are Flexible

You may enable Outlook integration and phone messaging. You can find customer service software and web hosting solutions that can match your business type and offer the services you need to start up a website. When you are choosing a website, consider companies that will give you the growing room and services you need so you can avoid switching companies later when your site is better established in your original position that does not offer you a suitable web-hosting plan for your growing needs.

Your customer service website may be as simple as a directory of services or information. If you frequently update your directory, people will come to see it as an authoritative site and you will steadily gain visitors. You could provide blog services to your visitors or maybe you resell web-hosting plans.

Another example of customer service that you may offer is a selection of games such as casinos or automated registration and downloads such as freeware. You can offer a search engine, online help desk, instant messaging, VoIP, video/voice chat, CRM technologies, automated request response and tracker. You can also enable phone service with technicians through customer requests and have customer service during real time payment processes. Technology is becoming friendlier for customers and the payment process though it can all depend on your computer and its operating system and the types of computer programming languages that are compatible with your system not to mention your budget.

Database Driven Customer Service Websites

Searching databases of information is useful to visitors of customer service websites. Relevant and truthful information is the basis of useful databases that bring customers back for another visit. Niche databases will draw targeted customers and many successful database driven websites have so much information, which if it is constantly updated will establish the website as more credible as time goes on.

You could provide blog services to your visitors or maybe you resell web-hosting plans. You can provide storage space, graphic conversion or other free or subscriptions types of customer service. The possibilities are endless when it comes to types of customer service that can be provided online.

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