Dedicated hosting protects and establishes the reputation of a business. Sharing a web server with other websites may some times damage the good will of the business beyond repair. For example, a website selling religious books may by damaging itself by sharing a server along with other websites which exhibit irreligious or adult content. Without being aware of the consequences of content of other sites in the server, the business of website is penalized for no fault of its own. Sharing a bad neighborhood is like establishing church supply store just next door to lingerie shop or bar. Customers will fall pray to their own prejudiced opinion based on the image they form on the neighborhood.

Apart from this there are some other evils associated with sharing a server with other websites. In addition to sharing host with other unfavorable websites, there is a likelihood of sharing the website with other websites experiencing burst of sudden website traffic, or sometimes even attacks, which affect performance of the server. The bad situation of a neighborhood has direct effect on the site which may go down or slow down thereby causing loss of clientele and business. Impatient web surfers may not wait for a few seconds while the page gets loaded on their screen and instead they may choose to click the back button.

Another important parameter is control. When a server is shared, the hosting company applies restrictive security policy to keep all account holders protected out of other accounts. The question does not arise in case when a massive site is built or few related sites are maintained, where the problem is avoided as restrictions will prevent from using some software.

Many people hesitate in going for a dedicated server because of doubts on cost and effectiveness. Dedicated hosting is neither expensive nor complicated and it is very cost effective. Some companies even set up, manage and establish server as a part of their package, making the shared hosting deal as simple as possible. The packages are very much affordable and start from a price range of a minimum $100 per month. The best option for serious online business entrepreneurs is dedicated hosting. mobile contracts

Static web hosting, also known as dedicated IP web hosting, provides separate and unique IP address which can be exclusively used for a specific server domain or space. It is easy for a web use to access the information in detail which is stored in the server by browsing and logging into the website through a specific given IP address or domain name. There are different web hosting accounts available which vary with each other depending its shared IP address or uniqueness. By properly ordering any service provider, a unique and specified IP address for the purpose of web hosing can be easily secured. After getting full payment for the purpose of web space, the company offers an unique IP address. The resultant websites will be very useful in uploading the contents, documents and other files to personal and secure space. A dedicated hosting to a website means total security and protection to the website.

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