As anyone who has looked at the likes of Sitepoint of Digitalpoint will know, the amount of turnkey sites available seems to have mushroomed over the last couple of years. We have now reached the situation where you have to ask if a turnkey site has any chance of making money!

For those not aware of the term turnkey site, this is a site which is not unique, a site which has many identical copies on the internet doing the same functions, with the same look, but just a different domain name. Turnkey sites have proved very popular amongst the newer additions to online business, the business leaders of tomorrow, but is it the best start to online trading?. To keep costs down its always best to find a cheap web hosting company so that you don’t spend precious pounds on unwanted hosting features.

While the fact that there are potentially thousands of copies of your site on the internet already is a disadvantage, you can still make money and be successful if you know how to market your site. Even though it would be preferable to have a unique design, a unique look to your site, it is still possible to make money with a simple turnkey site.

You can either go for a different area of a market, perhaps research a niche opening, or you can use the site as a feeder for a more lucrative site, or you can just buy as many relevant inward links as you can to increase traffic, and hopefully business. Turnkey sites can look very poor, but you can always adjust certain elements to try and differentiate yourself from the masses.

While it is possible to make money from turnkey sites, you may well gain a better reputation if your site is unique and you have actually been seen to invest time and money into it!

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