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As Wi-Fi continues to grown in popularity we are seeing the emergence of more and more so called “hotspots” in city centres across the world. So what are “hotspots” and what can they do for you?

A “hotspot” is basically a publicly assessable internet connection which is available for Wi-Fi users, i.e. computer users on the move with their laptops. It has been an emerging technology for a number of years, and while it is common place in many cities around the world, it has been difficult to track them down until now.

Many business associations and local authorities are very keen to introduce them into a whole host of cities across the UK, on top of the hundreds which are already available. This service has also spawned a number of websites so that you can search for “hotspots” around your area and areas you are visiting. It may not be too long until we have highly visible Wi-Fi base stations dotted around city centres so that you can spot them from a distance, rather then random “hotspots” which you need to find.

The technology has actually improved substantially in the far east where they are now testing out mobile phone broadband “hotspots”, which go one better than the traditional UK internet connections. Mobile phone broadband internet connections are set to be one of the next big markets, and should hopefully be coming to the UK over the next few years.

The business market in particular have been crying out for internet connection “hotspots” for some time, and with more hotels and business centres accommodating these requirements, you might be lucky to see a “hotspot” emerge onto a street near you!

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