There are thousands of sites on the internet which do not quite get finished or need that last little touch to make it a success. Where can you go for that last bit of help, that advice from someone who knows?

In general you really have two main options about where to go for advice :-

· the professionals, who will charge you.
· one of the many webmaster forums on the internet where advice is often free.

Surely for that last touch it would make sense to ask fellow webmasters, and ask them what they think of your idea, your site and how you should finish off your idea. Well, if you want to open yourself right up, and give someone your idea before it is even finished then the “free” option may be the one for you!

However, if you are looking to protect your idea and hit the market with it when you are finished, then you need to look down the professional route. True, it will cost you money, and potentially a large amount depending on what you are after, but it is most definitely worth it.

Imagine you have been working on your site for months, and just about got there when you hit a PHP snag or the alignment of the site is not quite right in Firefox and you need advice. You post your site URL, your ideas and your problem for all of the world to see, and check out for themselves. Bang, next day a site along the exact lines to yours is launched and you have been beaten to the punch, the market is slipping away from you. Think it does n’t happen?

It is common knowledge that many online business people scour the webmaster forums for new ideas, new options and a look at what might be the next popular area. They will check your post, ask you a few questions, but ultimately they will not help you.

If your site is popular you will soon make your money back and more, but if it fails then it will soon die, but at least give it the chance to survive, and play your cards very close to your chest until launch.

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