When you are ready to become a serious Ecommerce website, you will probably go the way of the online catalogue website. The online catalogue website is a multi-branched system that works to automate the process of sales and customer service. Examples of a couple of large online catalogue websites that are used for Ecommerce include Amazon.com and Walmart.com. Both of these sites have a complex online catalogue system that integrates a customer’s search, orders and payments into an automated experience for the customer.

Different Concepts of the Business Website Models in One Package

An online catalogue website is a collection and combination of the different business websites including the home page and a catalogue website contains components of the online brochure, online marketing, customer service, club types and simple Ecommerce sites rolled into one complex package.

Different payment methods are available to the customer and can include the use of debit cards, credit cards and other payment options. Customer service includes a full range of automated options such as online forms, online help desk and sometime in the future, virtual salespersons.

Inventory management tools create a powerful way for updating inventory stock as products are sold and automation enables the management of large amounts of inventory to be better managed in a timely way. You will also be able to track customer orders and inventory from the moment that the order is made until it is shipped as an effective way of ensuring customer satisfaction with your services and products.

The bandwidth and amount of databases needed for such a site are huge and require both automation and human workers to maintain. Most pages of a online catalogue website are dynamic and are put together upon the visitor’s request. Although this may make it hard for some search engines to index the content, by the time a company is big enough that it needs this level of expertise to operate, whether or not the content of a certain page can be indexed should not really matter anymore to many customers. By this time, the customer has come to rely on the ability of the website to perform to high standards and will visit the store based on its reputation.

When your site reaches such a large capacity that you need complex tools for management and processing of your customers orders, you will want to upgrade to a online catalogue website.

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