For those who need dedicated hosting services yet do not feel they can afford such a hosting plan do to the increased costs of dedicated hosts there is now a great new alternative. You can now get semi-dedicated clustered hosting at a fraction of the cost of a truly dedicated host for your web hosting needs.

A simple explanation of semi-dedicated clustered hosting is that the important services such as mail, databases, and web applications are spread out among several dedicated servers and putting them together in a virtual server platform. This method of hosting spreads the load out that is placed on the servers so the speeds they are able to give users are some of the fastest available.

If your company is in need of dedicated hosting but needs to keep the web costs down then this version of dedicated hosting may be the absolute best option for you to get all the benefits without the cost. As with any hosting service compare the companies which provide this type of hosting and make sure you get the best deal available by comparing available disk space, bandwidth, and features as compared to the needs of your company.

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