Too many website owners jump into a hosting plan based solely on the monthly cost and forget to read the fine print and look a little deeper into the plan they will be basing their site on. Many find out the hard way they will not have enough disk space or bandwidth for what they plan on doing with their site and getting more will cost more. This blows that low monthly rate right out the door making it not such a great deal. Or the website owner has a issue with the server only to discover they cannot talk to someone or when they do the person is rude and hard to speak with. There is so much more than that low fee such as lots of perks and a great customer service.

Web hosting reviews are a good way to compare several hosting plans and companies all in one easy to use place. Look for review sites, which also include input from customers just as yourself. Positive or negative feedback from those who have actually used them can help you decide which hosting company and plan is the best one for your application.

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